For this Pacific Life, the challenge was to update an established application. The application pulled a massive amount of representative data from a central repository, while also allowing users access to a schedule and some limited map functionality. The application had been written years ago for the Blackberry platform and had change little in being ported to the iPad.
The ask was not only to update the application, but to inspire the in-house development team with options for further development. 
The first step in the process was a series of stakeholder interviews with subjects in and outside of the client. From this, a User Findings and Requirements document was written.
Once requirements were established and buy-in from the unnamed client was secured, work began on the application itself, breaking down its component parts, reducing the existing navigation and establishing a common starting point, a dashboard that would offer immediately useful information. 
The was developed first for the iPad, with the iPhone iteration to come after.
On the dashboard, users can see the events of their day, relevant sales charts, their standings relative to other users. An always-present nav menu is available via an icon in the top-left.
The nav menu allows access to the rest of the application: Sales, Schedule, Reps, Maps, and a list of To Dos.
The iPhone iteration of the application offers the same functionality, reshaped to the smaller screen size.

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