In the winter of 2016/2017, I led a team at MRM//McCann tasked with providing a new direction for USPS.

Determine their audience. Leveraging data supplied by the client and supporting research undertaken by our team, we were able to determine a set of personas likely to take advantage of a more visible and actionable approach to mail.
Determine what their audience expects. As the barrier between the professional and the personal grows thinner, audiences expect the conveniences of one digital experience to be present in all others. To that end, we surveyed portal experiences both inside (UPS) and outside (Delta Airlines) the industry.
Assess what materials they have. When starting any project, it helps to know what resources you have to-hand. USPS was blessed with a number of online entities, websites and applications. All were useful, but a login to one didn’t work on the others. Furthermore, the USPS had digital images of every piece of mail in their system, as well as the information collected along the way.
Consider the future. We knew we had to propose a solution that met today’s needs, but also the needs of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

The consumer portal launched several months later as Informed Delivery, a website and a stand-alone application. The foundation of all of that work is in the personas we developed, in the competitive landscape we surveyed, and in the futures we conceived.

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